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(Young Adult Racing Series Book 2)
Special Revised Edition
Will this self-absorbed racing star destroy herself? 


Racing in her second Formula One season, Samantha wants to prove she's a future world champion. But what stands in her way? Her new teammate Emilio Ronaldo. Last season the man humiliated her. This season…it’s payback.

Emilio once thought Samantha was a joke…he was wrong. Emilio now wants to be Samantha's mentor. But how? The angry young lady has shut him out. Patience is Emilio’s gift. But will he run out of time before Emilio can fix things right?

Manny is in love. Samantha is…well, she’s his everything. But during the season, Samantha changes. What the hell is going on? Manny doesn’t know and Samantha can’t tell him. If this keeps up…Manny will have to do something drastic.

Rivals is the second book in the Skid young adult racing romance series that features lots of drama, plenty of romance, and the perfect balance of action and character. If you like high-speed excitement, a touch of humor along with crisp writing, then you’ll love the second installment in Doug Solter's totally original young adult series.

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For ages 13 to adult.

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