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My Girlfriend Bites Me

(MGB Young Adult Paranormal Werewolf Romance Series Book 3)
The epic finale to the series!


Bree and Aiden continue their search for Bree's parents who've been kidnapped by the mysterious and powerful group of humans known as Tetra. Meanwhile, their friend Lark discovers a magical way to transform Aiden into a werewolf...but only under a full moon. Bree loves the idea, while Aiden sees it as a way to create a deeper connection with his werewolf girlfriend.

Will becoming a werewolf bring Aiden and Bree closer together?

Or will it kill one of them?

Bree receives a clue that takes her and her friends deep into the heart of Tetra's lair, forcing them to confront the Demon Skins with a new allied army of witches, werewolves, and vampires. In an epic battle, Bree and her allies must not only defeat their soulless enemy and their evil masters, but also a squad of special werewolf soldiers modified by sorcery and science. 

Will Bree and her friends survive the impending battle that will change their lives forever? 

My Girlfriend Bites Me is the final book in the My Girlfriend Bites young adult paranormal werewolf romance series that features unique characters, shocking surprises, powerful battles of witchcraft, and a young love that matures to a deeper level.


If you love multiple characters to cheer for and a bad girl to empathize with, then you'll love the final installment in Doug Solter's memorable paranormal romance series with a twist.


For ages 13 to adult.


September 2023 Paperback Update: Ingram has refused to distribute this book for some strange reason that hasn't been explained to me. So, I'm sad to say that it won't be available through indie bookstores. If you don't want to buy the paperback from Amazon, you can now purchase it through the Barnes & Noble website in a special B&N Press edition with exclusive content. The paperback can also be purchased online through the Great British Book Shop. This problem with Ingram in no way affects the eBook version. You can still request the eBook through your local library using the link below if you prefer.

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