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My Girlfriend Bites Again

(MGB Young Adult Paranormal Werewolf Romance Series Book 2)
No one is safe.


Under the protection of a werewolf pack, Aiden now enjoys school and his time with his girlfriend Bree. However, the Demons Skins are coming to kill them all and no one is safe.

After an ambush decimates the werewolf packs in America, hope comes in the form of a young witch named Lark who introduces Aiden and Bree to her coven. Lark's headmistress admits that someone has been kidnapping hundreds of witches. But who or what is behind it? Did they create the Demon Skins? Are the werewolves and witches facing the same enemy?  

Meanwhile, a new young werewolf named Dylan is taken in by Bree's pack. He's handsome. Competitive. Confident. Everything that Aiden is not. Bree tells Aiden that he's her mate for life. That no one will come between them. But Aiden can't shift into a wolf. He can't hunt to save his life. He can't stop being human. Will Bree accept him as he is? Or will Dylan expose him as a weak boy who doesn't deserve a girlfriend with fangs?

As the Demon Skins close in, Bree and Aiden must make some hard choices to survive. Can they do it together? Or will the stress pull them, their family, and their friends apart.

My Girlfriend Bites Again is the second book in the My Girlfriend Bites young adult paranormal werewolf romance series that features unexpected twists and turns, a fun dose of witchcraft, and a strong relationship that is tested. If you like a romance mixed with humor and darkness, then you'll love the second installment in Doug Solter's gripping paranormal romance series with a twist.

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