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Will he fight for her?


Sixteen-year-old Aiden sees himself as a disaster. He ran away from a fight, leaving his best friend behind to get clobbered. His confidence sucks. What girl would ever fall in love with him?


Bree can't have friends at her new school because they might find out what she is and expose her family to the creatures that are hunting them. 


Aiden wants her so bad that he will do anything to be the strong boyfriend a girl werewolf needs him to be. Can Aiden win her heart and save her life? Or will he lose his confidence and get Bree and her family killed?

My Girlfriend Bites is the first book of a new young adult paranormal werewolf romance series that features unexpected twists and turns, an exceptional story, and a different take from other werewolf books. If you like a romance mixed with serious real-world problems that's sometimes funny and sometimes dark, then you'll love the first installment in Doug Solter's fun and gripping paranormal romance with a twist.

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For ages 13 to adult.


My Girlfriend Bites

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(MGB Young Adult Paranormal Werewolf Romance Series Book 1)
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