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Man With The Golden Falcons

(Young Adult Spy Thriller Series Book 4)
He Has A Plan.

Sixteen-year-old Emma loves dogs, theater class, and her grandma. But after school, she's a spy for a secret organization known as the Authority. When Emma's crush invites her to spend the weekend, she accepts, even though Emma knows he's a member of Venomous, a ruthless worldwide criminal organization. Emma thinks she can turn him. But can she resist the boy's charms and a powerful enemy that sees Emma as a potential weapon?

Seventeen-year-old Olivia leads the Gems, a group of talented teen spies who take on dangerous missions all around the world. But Olivia finds dealing with Emma the most challenging mission of all. When the Gems are sent to investigate a teen environmental group, they uncover a Venomous plot against the G20 summit in Mexico City.

However, things start to unravel when the Gems find themselves trapped on a heavily-armed cruise ship named The Falcon's Claw, home of Asset One, the leader of Venomous.

Olivia and the Gems must find a way off the ship, while Emma must choose between the boy she loves, and the secret organization that could be hiding the truth about how Emma's mother died.

They all must hurry. The Royal Navy is closing in. Ready to blow The Falcon's Claw out of the water. 

But Asset One's plan is already in motion. All he needs is help from a vulnerable teen spy.

Man With The Golden Falcons is the fourth book in The Gems Young Adult spy series that features strong characters, a complex romance, big surprises, and bad-ass female villains. Think James Bond mixed with Charlie's Angels. 

If you enjoy spy thrillers with twists and turns along with culturally-diverse characters who struggle to find out the truth in a world where the truth is always subjective, then the fourth book in Doug Solter's continuing young adult spy series is for you.

For ages 13 to adult.

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