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(Young Adult Racing Series Book 3)
Special Revised Edition
She only has eight races to turn it all around.


Only at the bottom does Samantha finally understand. She's pushed everyone away. A comeback? That's almost impossible. How can Samantha convince the team to believe in her again? And the competition on the track is fierce. Samantha needs an edge. But she has no idea where to look or anyone willing to help her find it.

It's difficult being on the same team with Samantha so Manny distracts himself by working on his experimental transmission. It's revolutionary...but so far unreliable. Another welcome distraction is Hanna. She's willing to help her ex-boyfriend forget all about Samantha.

Legends is the third book in the Skid young adult racing romance series that features engaging drama, high speed excitement, and complex characters. If you want a character-driven story that grabs your attention from page one while still making you cry, then you’ll love the third installment in Doug Solter's totally original young adult series.

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For ages 13 to adult.

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