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For Her Eyes Only

(Young Adult Spy Thriller Series Book 7)
Never fall in love with your target.

When a terrorist bomb wipes out his entire family, Salah becomes the new monarch of the United Kingdom of Hejaz. But the terrorists won't stop until the sixteen-year-old boy is dead and his kingdom falls into anarchy.  

Born in Saudi Arabia, Nadia is sent undercover to pose as the daughter of a Sheikh. Her mission is to keep the king alive and his government stable. To do that, she'll have to stay close to him, which causes problems for a spy who develops an affection for her target.

As Nadia struggles to maintain a line between her mission and her feelings, the other three Gems must dig deep to find out who is supporting the terrorists.

Is it an old threat with new leadership? Or a new threat from the Gems past?

The first bomb wiped out the royal family. The second bomb might plunge the Persian Gulf into war.

For Her Eyes Only is the seventh book in the Gems Young Adult spy series that features heart-pounding action, interesting villains, complicated relationships, and strong female characters with flaws. Think Totally Spies with a strong dose of James Bond.

If you enjoy spy thrillers with immersive plots, and a complex relationship with characters who make you laugh and cry, then the seventh book in Doug Solter's continuing young adult spy series is for you.

For ages 13 through Adult. 

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