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Is her spirit finally broken?


Nineteen-year-old Samantha Sutton has risen to become one of the top drivers in Formula One, but that was before a horrible accident burned her face and broke her spirit. Now she questions herself, questions her future, and wonders if what she did to her father has cursed her for life.


Manny's love for Samantha is unbreakable. He promises to support her, but his attention is diverted when a new threat promises to destroy the Wolert racing team forever.


Can Samantha gain her confidence back and win the world championship?


Will she even have a team to race for next season?


Champions is the final book in the Skid young adult racing series that features high speed action and engaging personal drama. If you want a character-driven story that grabs your heart from page one while giving you an emotional goodbye to your favorite series characters, then you’ll love the last installment in Doug Solter's totally original young adult series.


Click or tap the Buy Button and experience the thrilling final novel in the Skid series today!

For ages 13 to adult.



(Young Adult Racing Series Book 4)
Special Revised Edition
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